garden lolis

A great way to save money is to grow your own food, herbs, and stuff.
You could make your own tea out of herbs you grow in your own backyard. Or windowsill.

There's also some roses that you can grow indoors to give your room a more feminine look. And plants grow better when they are'nt in plastic pots. So maybe it could be fun getting some airdry clay and shaping it into a teacup or a cute character like hello kitty or chococat or something cute like that. For a gothic look maybe you could make a cauldron or make it look like the plant it growing in a graveyard.

Crayola sells airdry clay from 5 to.10 dollars in walmart and target.
Don't forget to paint it though!

Oh one more thing, there are some roses I think are called tea roses, they are small and can be kept inside. They give off a fragrant smell. Roses have vitamin C in them. They can be eaten on cake, made into candy, or sprinkle into a bathtub.
And in the victorian era, I think they grew plants in terraniums.

I didn't really put effort in to researching, Ilm mostly posting because this seems like a neat comm and I would hate for it to go dead.
universe & you

an introduction

Hello, lovelies. ♥
I know this community hasn't been very active - *pauses to blow off a little dust* - but I just recently discovered it, so I thought I would drop in and say hello. Perhaps my humble introduction will inspire a little activity?
To make this post not entirely without purpose (aside from the purpose of introducing myself), I have an idea. It's something I do when I'm feeling down about being a pauper princess (which is how I like to think of it, sounds romantic). Instead of focusing on the princesses in fairy tales, I like to look up the peasants and merchant's daughters who become great through their own efforts instead of being born into royalty. My favorite is the story of Snow White & Rose Red. Anyone else have a favorite fairy tale to share?